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The Miner's Daughter

I live in the Northwest corner of New Jersey. Stokes State Forest, the Delaware River, and the Paulinskill River Valley are my backyard. I am deeply connected to this bioregion and have been shaped by this land. My passion has always been to understand our connection to the Earth and what it means to be human, and I have found that in the plant world and working with my hands.  I am a maker at heart, and created Miner’s Daughter to provide handcrafted herbal body products for my family and local community.

The name of my company, Miner’s Daughter, came from a family lineage of miners. My father, grandfather, great grandfather, and uncles all earned their livelihood through mining zinc. As a child, I was deeply affected by the blasting of mountains for Earth’s materials. While I carry with me the respect for my ancestors, I also acknowledge there is a different way to relate to the planet, one that is mutually enhancing.

 Most of the plants in my products are from my garden, other local organic gardens, or wildcrafted in my bioregion. When purchasing ingredients, they are from reputable companies that are organic, fair trade, and/or sustainably grown and always high quality. 


Everything is made in small batches with care and integrity.

Creating beauty is as important to me as are the ingredients. Miner’s Daughter makes products that allow the plants to show off their inherent beauty. Not only are the products good for the skin, they are a beauty ritual, an opportunity for self-care, and a way to connect with Earth’s gifts.

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